What is ilearn

What is ilearn?

What is iLearn?

iLearn is SOOT’s online university – completely free online campus and classroom combined, designed to enhance your learning experience and help you through your studies. iLearn is a state-of-the-art online learning platform developed specially for SOOT students, It acts as a classroom, textbook, library, assessment centre , campus and communication network all-in-one which utilises the world-wide-web to allow anyone with Internet access to logon and study with all the support they require. It allows your studies to fit around your life, giving you the best opportunity to full your learning ambitions.

Your own space to develop and grow!

How is iLearn interactive?

iLearn not only gives you consistent access to valuable course materials, but also is the ideal platform for you to contact and interact with your module tutors, as well as other students who are studying the same modules or course as you. Through the internet, students have 24:7 access to multimedia learning resources including case studies, assessments, revision materials and peer discussions with tutor feedback and support in the form of discussion groups, chat sessions and one-toone dialogue – all through one easy-to-use online area.

A place to learn and interact!

How is iLearn inspirational?

The Fexibility and simplicity is perfect for people with family commitments, careers or even First-time learners. The built-in study manager oers you a consistent check on key deadlines and updates from your online tutors and events, so that you can plan your study time effectively.

Helping you learn when you choose!

How is iLearn international?

With nearly 50% of users from outside the India, the virtual campus is a positive mix of individuals, ideas and influences from around the world. In addition to the India, iLearn has students from Canada, Caribbean, Ghana, USA, Nigeria, Cameroon, Hong Kong, China, Pakistan, UK, Malaysia, Australia and many more countries. Professional networks are developed and friendships across geographic borders are created.

A potent mix of ideas and thinking!