Certification Program in Portfolio Management

Portfolio is a combination of securities such as bonds stock sand other instruments. Portfolio management deals with the identification of financial objectives and their translation into a portfolio of assets that must be managed over time in the face of uncertain investment performance and consumption demands. It is all about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the choice of debt vs. equity, domestic vs. international, growth vs. safety, and many other tradeo?s encountered in the attempt to maximize return at a given appetite or risk.

One of the most coveted careers in the financial industry is that of the portfolio manager. Individuals in this area may work either as in-house portfolio managers or as outside consultants for large portfolios such pension funds, corporate sinking funds, and university endowments typically employ both in-house and consulting talent.

COURSE OUTLINE: These are as follows:

  • Definition
  • Introduction to portfolio management
  • Fundamentals of modern portfolio theory
  • Overview of the financial market and basic performance measures
  • Investment policy statement (IPS) and the asset allocation decision
  • Optimal portfolio selection models
  • Portfolio management strategies
  • Issues in portfolio management strategies
  • Real estate, international investments, and emerging markets
  • Futures market, derivatives and options and their applications in portfolio management
  • Evaluation of portfolio performance – theory, evidence and issues
  • Equity and hedge funds
  • Professional asset management
  • Portfolio construction and monitoring

PROGRAM DURATION : 40 hours spread across 2 months

ELIGIBILITY: An academic background in computer science/engineering/business/economics/accounting and math/MBA degree with a specialization in Finance/Students taking up the final term examination.

CAREER OPTIONS : On completion of any of SOOT’s programme,students can pursue their career in any of the following roles based on quali?cation and experience, Viz. Proprietary Trader, Professional Trader, Portfolio Analyst/Manager, Investment Advisor, Financial planner, Wealth manager, Technical Analyst/ Manager/ Consultant, Fund Analyst/ Manager, Arbitrageur, Risk Manager, Financial Analyst, Data Analyst, Algo trade developer, Equity Analyst, Equity Trader, Research analyst, Quantitative analyst… and similar roles.

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Certification Program in Portfolio Management
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