Certificate Program in Technical Analysis

This program is designed to teach the foundations of technical analysis in a logical manner. The program provides the tools investors need to trade successfully on their own, or become a technical analyst.

Technical analysts evaluate the constant fluctuations of the stock market and provide critical investment information to their clients. They observe patterns of the stock market to make predictions about its future performance. This systematic approach to financial forecasting takes into account statistics like stock price, trading volume, trade rates, securities, and interest rates. Analysts apply this information to statistical formulas to derive the best time and price to sell stocks.

Technical analysts are often employed by brokerage houses, financial institutions and investment agencies.

On completion of the Certificate Program in Technical Analysis, individuals can take up a certification program in CMT (Chartered Market Technician) administered by MTA (Market Technicians Association).

COURSE OUTLINE : These are as follows:

  • Introduction to technical analysis
  • Assumptions, advantages and challenges
  • Relationship between technical trading and technical analysis
  • Technical charts
  • Technical patterns
  • Trend concepts and analysis of equity market
  • Technical trading rules
  • Technical indicators and oscillators- theoretical and practical strengths and weakness
  • Technical cycles
  • Trading strategies
  • Selection and decision
  • Technical overlays
  • Dow Theory
  • Elliott waves
  • Trading psychology and risk management
  • Role of technical analysis in different businesses

PROGRAM DURATION : 60 hours spread across 2 months

ELIGIBILITY :Technical analysts should possess both critical-thinking and analytical skills. Since they are dealing with the public and presenting financial data and strategies, they need good communication skills. An academic background in computer science/engineering/business/economics/accounting and math / MBA degree or master’s degrees in finance / Students taking up the final term examination.

CAREER OPTIONS : On completion of any of SOOT’s programme,students can pursue their career in any of the following roles based on quali?cation and experience, Viz. Proprietary Trader, Professional Trader, Portfolio Analyst/Manager, Investment Advisor, Financial planner, Wealth manager, Technical Analyst/ Manager/ Consultant, Fund Analyst/ Manager, Arbitrageur, Risk Manager, Financial Analyst, Data Analyst, Algo trade developer, Equity Analyst, Equity Trader, Research analyst, Quantitative analyst… and similar roles.

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Certificate Program in Technical Analysis
Course Information
  • Course Id:TA16
  • Credit:18
  • Room:TF-209
  • Days:T F S
  • Timings:9am–11am; 6pm–8pm