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    Over the past few decades, technology has transformed the trading of securities and other financial instruments. Before the advent of computers, all trading was conducted between humans, often in person on a trading floor. Back offices were filled with clerks and others to ensure that transactions were properly completed. Gradually, both the back office and the actual trading process have been transformed by automation. In this module, Individuals will understand the working of the stock market and learn the basics involved in electronic trading process and an over view of the various levels in trading.

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    Portfolio is a combination of securities such as bonds stocks and other instruments. Portfolio management deals with the identification of financial objectives and their translation into a portfolio of assets that must be managed over time in the face of uncertain investment performance and consumption demands. It is all about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the choice of debt vs. equity, domestic vs. international, growth vs. safety, and many other tradeoffs encountered in the attempt to maximize return at a given appetite for risk.

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    This program is designed to teach the foundations of technical analysis in a logical manner. The program provides the tools investors need to trade successfully on their own, or become a technical analyst. Technical analysts evaluate the constant fluctuations of the stock market and provide critical investment information to their clients. They observe patterns of the stock market to make predictions about its future performance. This systematic approach to financial forecasting takes into account statistics like stock price, trading volume, trade rates, securities, and interest rates.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to prepare students for the best financial opportunities in the Business world. Our focus is to create a learning environment that will support students in their personal and professional development and enable them acquire necessary knowledge and appropriate skills including interpersonal ones which will in turn lead to qualifications relevant to their career development
and employment globally.

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SOOT provides all those facilities to its students that ensure nest scholastic environment for elevating their cause of pursuing academic excellence. This would help the students to equip themselves for global competition.

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Money plays a vital role in every person’s life and may be the prime reason it is called “VITAMIN M”.
  • Testimonial

    Daniel Abraham

    Daniel Abraham, London

    I loved this course! I enrolled into it because I was completely ignorant about finance and financial terms and wanted to learn more. I was so impressed with the Instructor and the teaching style fi very down-to-earth with an open approach. There was absolutely no airs of knowing so much and even the silliest questions […]

  • Testimonial

    Shine Greg

    Shine Greg, London

    The Support status is just too good, always ready to help. Haven’t experienced such service before- It’s been a beautiful course. The trainers (was introduced to many for the same course) were excellent. There was absolutely no gap between them at all, if your earlier session was conducted by one and your current by another […]

  • Testimonial

    Michelle Ross

    Michelle Ross, Massachusetts., Massachusetts

    The content was well delivered and in an interactive manner, this was great as the Q&A session throws light to so many questions from so many minds and the Trainer is an encyclopedia with all answers immediately available. It has been an amazing course and would definitely recommend SOOT to people keen on learning how […]

  • Testimonial

    Vishal Yadav

    Vishal Yadav, Delhi

    The Instructors approach and training methodology made me feel very comfortable. The content was outstanding fi far better than I ever expected, and the best part was the class retakes- you could go back and re-listen to lectures and the interactive session throughout the course. AMAZING!!! Great work SOOT. Keep going. Wish you the very […]